And now, Forest Queen vs. ‘the wrongdoers’

Brilliant, thank you; when laws become unjust, disobediences becomes a sacred duty; in peace

In Her Words

Sunday June 26, 2016

Linda Cassara (aka Forest Queen) stays pretty much to herself. She lives in a cabin under a canopy of 28 acres, without TV or newspapers. Her only company is her woodland friends. Linda allows herself a computer (dial-up) and spends a good deal of time challenging what she refers to as “the powers that were.” She has taught herself common law and is a self-described “truth seeker” and a “free woman on the land.”

Cassara says that Americans could use a refresher course on constitutional rights and liberties. She pointed out that our country was established so that people need not ever pay any tax, unless he/she wished to do so. According to her, property tax is an indirect tax, levied because you have voluntarily used corporate governmental services and also because your land has been classified as a commercial piece of property.

Linda also thinks…

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