Africa Responds to Brexit: British Government, European Union, World Capitalist Markets in Disarray

Its really time to FEDexit; leave the federal reserve Ponzi scheme and unpeg our currencies like Switzerland did; that’s the real referendum looming; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, June 28, 2016
map-africa-400x228 (1)

A referendum on the future of the United Kingdom (UK) within the European Union (EU) divided both the ruling Conservative Party (CP) and its main rival, the Labor Party.

Results from the vote gave the Leave side a 52-48 percent profound victory that reversed the decision of 1973 when Britain entered the-then European Economic Community.

Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation on June 24 paving the way for Boris Johnson, the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), who led the political break with Downing Street, placing him in a position to succeed the incumbent when he steps down in the immediate future. On the Labor side of the aisle, Jeremy Corbyn, considered as a representative of a more leftwing trend within the party, is also under fire for taking the same position as the Conservatives supporting the Remain forces although in a…

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