Brexit cost investors $2 trillion..the worst one day drop ever..China could be the biggest winner

How ironic when in fact the world is operating under foreclosure bankruptcy; a debit is a credit; money is merely an IOU; trading is rigged; and, as a result, a workman is no longer worthy of his hire; its all a scam to keep our attention from the remedy: a jubilee and reset; sooner or later the world will have to FEDEXIT: exit the federal reserve Ponzi scheme; in peace

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The U.K.’s referendum to leave the European Union was a costly decision in more ways than one.

Worldwide markets hemorrhaged more than $2 trillion in paper wealth on Friday, according to data from S&P Global, the worst on record. For context, that figure eclipsed the whipsaw trading sessions of the 2008 financial crisis, according to S&P analyst Howard Silverblatt.

The prior one day sell-off record was $1.9 trillion back in September of 2008, Silverblatt noted. According to S&P’s Broad Market Index, combined market capitalization is currently worth nearly $42 trillion.

As bourses sold off from Asia to the U.S., the fallout from Brexit culminated in the Dow Jones Industrial Average racking up a 600 point loss. Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index noted that the world’s 400 wealthiest investors lost a combined $127 billion in Friday’s market downturn.

“Brexit is the biggest global monetary shock since 2008,” said David Beckworth, a scholar…

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