New Asian infrastructure development bank approves their first loans



A new Chinese-led development bank has approved its first loans and expects to suffer no impact from Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, the bank’s president said Saturday at its first annual meeting.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, launched in January with 57 member governments, already has received expressions of interest from possible additional members, said Jin Liqun at a news conference. He said observers from 24 other nations attended the meeting.

The bank reflects China’s rapidly growing financial might and desire for a bigger voice in global finance, which is dominated by the United States and Europe.

Despite initial U.S. opposition, the AIIB attracted unexpectedly wide support from American allies including Britain, France, Australia and South Korea.

Washington and Japan have refrained from seeking membership…

No doubt Obama is happy at least one client state is obedient.

The bank’s board approved a total of $509…

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3 thoughts on “New Asian infrastructure development bank approves their first loans

  1. I find that when the New World Order (NWO) is discussed, it is often viewed as a monolithic empire with centralized authority. Perhaps the mental image is a modern Roman Empire ruling the world with the U.N. Flag?

    Anyway my point and vision is distinctly more nuanced with their own documents providing evidence that they are implementing the world hegemony into a:
    “Disintegration of the 19th century political system”…
    “a world divided into smaller units, but organized and acting in common effort”…
    “It would consist of regional institutions under an international body of growing authority-combined so as to be able to deal with those problems that increasingly the separate nations will not be able to solve alone.”

    In other words, engineering these international crises are part of the plan to result in the implementation of the multipolar world that Russia, China. and the BRICS so often include in their speeches as opposing the U.S. (Western Bloc) uni-polar policy.

    Yes, I do see these E.U exits/BREXIT as part of that geopolitical agenda.
    That plan requires the U.S. dollar to lose some influence with crisis in the markets.
    The emergency management team will create the emergency and will be formed to authoritatively control the response!
    David Icke’s phrase is appropriate:
    “Problem, Reaction, Solution”
    Because it is all scripted and staged.
    The citizens are deceived with covert psyops worldwide.

    -My Wish-
    Is their NWO engineered crises will wake-up the worldwide populous along with patriotic citizens to not support their authoritative solutions -the solutions from the same institutions that caused the crises.
    Their “Full Spectrum Dominance” military industrial complex can manipulate climate, cause pandemic, famine, earthquakes, tsunamis, market crashes, and war…

      1. Perhaps the blogger (Eideard?) and others would disagree with us and consider this deeper analysis paranoia of the “Tin Foil Hat ” kind…

        I still am amazed by some individuals reactions, when they receive the supporting evidence revealing worldwide ruse for hegemony and human enslavement.

        The line: “No doubt Obama is happy at least one client state is obedient.”
        Caught my attention.

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