Mexico: police shoot dead 8 teachers; communique from the Zapatistas

Disobedience becomes a sacred duty when laws are unjust; as long as we do not breach the peace; in peace


At least eight people were killed in clashes in southern Mexico over last weekend when police and members of a teachers’ union faced off in violent confrontations. Violence erupted on Sunday when police dislodged protesters blocking a highway in the southern state of Oaxaca. The teachers from the radical National Coordinator of Education Workers, or CNTE, are opposed to the mandatory testing of teachers as part of Mexico’s education reform and are also protesting the arrest of union leaders on money laundering and other charges.The eight dead are Oscar Aguilar Ramírez, 25, Andrés Sanabria García, 23, Anselmo Cruz Aquino, 33, Yalit Jiménez Santiago, 28, Oscar Nicolás Santiago, Omar González Santiago, 22, Antonio Perez García, and Jesús Cadena Sánchez, 19. At least 45 others have been hospitalized with injuries, the majority gunshot wounds, and 22 have been disappeared.

epa05378037 Policemen clash with teachers during a protest against education reforms in the country, in the town of Hitzo, Oaxaca state, Mexico, 19 June 2016. At least six policemen were injured in clashes with protesting teachers who had blocked a road. According to media reports, 25 people were arrested. EPA/MARIO ARTURO MARTINEZ

Communique from the Zapatistas

To the peoples of the World:

Faced with…

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