How to Create Starvation in 2016

There will be no future if we do not act now; in peace


Source: The Foundation for Economice Education, by Jeffrey Tucker

One of the great achievements of the human mind is having produced a solution to the single greatest challenge of life on earth: getting enough to eat. Shelter and clothing are no brainers by comparison. You find a cave, you snag a pelt, and you are good to go.

But finding food to eat is a daily issue for human beings, never finally solved. You need more than a stock of food; you need a system that produces a continual flow.

In 2016, we finally have such a system in place, one capable of supporting 7.4 billion people. It’s so robust at this point that the developed world has the opposite problem of obesity, which, in the course of social evolution, is a nice problem to have.

The creation of this system – which you can see on display at…

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