Is The Declaration Of Independence ‘Obsolete?’

Thanks for further explanation. Our rights come from our humanity; Judge Napolitano explains it well in the seminar: Natural law as a restraint against tyranny;


It is popular among the ‘intellectual elite,’ and their baying sheep, to say that the Declaration and Constitution are ‘old, dusty and irrelevant.’   The assertion always takes some form of “The founders never envisioned,” and/or “Times have changed.”  The problem for all these fools (yes, they are all fools) is that human nature has not changed.  That means they are wrong.  However, I don’t want to just say that they are wrong and assume the reader will agree.  I want to show you that they are wrong by showing the reader just how relevant the Declaration of Independence still is (the Constitution is irrelevant, as another — just as good — could easily be constructed by another body of people with the same understanding and dedication to the principles and ideals set down in the Declaration).

However, before we begin, I want to explain something that…

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