A New Look At The ORIGINAL Declaration Of Independence

Thank you, just came across the fact Jefferson only drafted it; the words in green are very important; the word certain is defined as everything that is uncertain for example hence our rights are uncertain; in peace


Today, we tend to think of Thomas Jefferson as the sole author of the Declaration of Independence.  And while he was crucial to penning the document, the final draft was a work by committee.  The Declaration was not the work of Jefferson, alone, but of the other four men appointed to the drafting committee, and to the whole of the delegation who debated and — ultimately — signed it.  But I wonder, how many of us have ever bothered to study the changes those men made to Jefferson’s original draft, and how did those changes affect the final tone and intent of the document.  Well, I think it worth the time to consider these questions, and I have taken the liberty of copying the original draft in a manner that makes it easier to see and understand those changes.

As you will see, where Jefferson’s original words were retained, I…

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