What You Probably Haven’t Heard About Citizens United

People (tangible) and legal fiction CORPORATION (imaginary) occupy contradistinct jurisdictions and like oil & water cannot mix; no point debating; time to re-clarify jurisdiction; in peace

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Stephen Colbert: Now what does it mean to individual donations? Like a
corporation as a person . . . gets to give any amount of money, but I as a
person can only give twenty-five hundred dollars?
Jeffrey Toobin: Right, that is what is potentially the next legal
challenge. Because if giving money is a form of speech, as the Court
has held at various times, you can’t prohibit a company from giving
money and then presumably the next step would be you can’t have limits
on how much individuals could give either. That’s the potential
implication of this decision.
Colbert: . . . Right now corporations will actually have more power as
people than people, until people catch up with corporations?
Toobin: That is exactly right, that would be the rule.
Colbert: So that actually kind of confuses me, how corporations are
more people than people. Could we…

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