… SIGN THE PETITION… “Stop the Monsanto Doctrine from Poisoning Democracy” (and protecting the health of Hawai’i)

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hawaii_environmental_day_160615_video_snipSome of you may wish to sign this petition and support the health of the Hawaii Islands and their people.

There is also a video that goes with this, here (or click the image, upper left).


Stop the Monsanto Doctrine from Poisoning Democracy

We, the undersigned, stand with the People of Hawaii, the SHAKA Movement, The Center for Food Safety and Earthjustice in their historic effort to overturn the democracy-threatening Monsanto Doctrine: the right of agrochemical corporations to do whatever they want in defiance of local laws.

On June 15 a panel of federal judges from the Ninth Circuit Court will meet in Honolulu to hear oral arguments from four important cases that may result in the environmental equivalent of a Citizens United decision.

The appellate court will either uphold or overturn four recent decisions by the lower federal District Court in Hawaii that invalidated the power of county governments to enact laws that protect…

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