Chile has so much solar power it’s being given away

Does the world have the resources to build solar panels and to maintain them for everyone? Why should they be centralised? Why not give each community or even household their own independent system? Just asking


On green power, you have to hand it to Chile…The country is producing so much solar power that it’s giving loads of it away for free.In some parts of the country, there is such a big oversupply that consumers aren’t paying a penny to power their homes.

It turns out that spot prices for solar power dropped to zero for 113 days of the year, with more days of free electricity to come.

The country’s central grid is producing four times more electricity than it was three years ago, fed by 29 solar farms, Bloomberg reports.

Unfortunately not everyone is feeling the benefits – there’s also a grid in the north of the country, and that’s not as good…It means there’s a lot of catching up to do, with work underway to build a new 3,000km transmission line between the two grids by next year.


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