A Lie Made Of Gold is NO Better Than A Lie Made of Paper Money; Fulford Updates

And, what is not being discussed is the origins of the gold they are claiming ownership over; most of the gold and minerals comes from Southern Africa; the people of Africa are the lawful trustees, if there be such a thing; we have warned our dear friends involved with SwissIndo and the like, of what they are party to; and, that the OPPT filings have indeed foreclosed the entire system which we will verify in our case to before the ITNJ at the end of July; we need to lay a new foundation for the law of the land; the financial and legal system needs community banks & exchanges and community courts as a remedy; best we start rolling up the sleeves; this problem ain’t going away, it’s growing; in peace


From: Anna von Reitz mailto:avannavon@gmail.com
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2016 3:46 AM
Subject: Re: Any truth tooth to this???Fwd: Benjamin Fulford – Full Report – 5/30/2016

Analysis of Latest Fulford Report —- Unanswered Letters 21 —- for Lorna

Numerous people have asked me how much of the following “Fulford Report” (included below) is Shinola.

Regrettably, most of it— though no doubt Fulford is too close to see his own forest.

The truth is that the rats have simply moved their base of operations to China.  They set out to hoard all the world’s gold by any means possible back in 1910, and they’ve done it.  Now they are trying to reap the profit from it, like harvesting a grain field.

So, now, like any good parasite when they’ve sucked their host dry, they are moving on to infest China—- where, many millennia ago, this system of things was recognized by…

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