GMOs, forced vaccination and global warming – three population reduction schemes being pushed on the masses for ‘health’ reasons

The longer we stay seated, the greater the damage by predatory capitalism; time to stand up; in peace


Source: Natural News, by L.J. Devon

The slogans for depopulation agendas are always the complete opposite of their true intentions. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are how we will “save the world” from starvation, drought, blight and pests. Vaccines are “safe” and “effective” and are most useful when administered to the entire “herd.” Global warming is all our fault – the humans – who have polluted the earth so bad we destroyed the ozone layer, trapped all the dangerous gasses and “raised the overall temperature” of the entire planet, all inside of 100 years.

When in fact, what “we’ve done” (we being the corporations that create chemicals for agriculture, food, medicine and personal care products) is “we’ve” poisoned conventional food with bugkiller and weedkiller – from the inside out, and from the outside in. We’ve bred dangerous foreign bacteria into the seeds of our crops, and their DNA is…

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