NGOs could join prosecution of Australian Govt re “Crimes Against Humanity” (bypassing the ICC)

Unfortunately, the legal system run by the BAR is the problem. It created the legalese for sovereign government as opposed to sovereign people under law of the sea which in fact only relates to legal fictions and the contracts between them; in a retributive system the rights of the victims are not addressed; only restitution (payment) is demanded;

The only remedy is to hold those accountable acting as public servants as peers by the law of the land before a Truth and Reconciliation Commission; taking into consideration that true justice is seeking reconciliation and not retribution;
Public servants can hide behind the corporate veil of ‘government’; we must draw them out into the living jurisdiction, the law of the land; the law of the sea will merely impose a fine at best and then it will be business as usual; no remedy there; in addition, the law of the sea has no jurisdiction over the tangible; and, the un-enacted law of the land is a superior jurisdiction to statutory laws which is merely legal fiction law;

The Creator created natural wo/man who in turn created legal fictions called corporations and government, to protect their antecedent rights, their property and to provide them with services, not to lord over them; how can a piece of paper detain one or break international law? impossible; we have to root out the culprits as people and peers hiding behind the corporate veil and hold them accountable in public hearings and TRCs; the law does not protect those that slumber on their rights; in peace


eight_col_NAURU_KIDS Refugee children protesting on Nauru

The Australian Government has contravened numerous international laws, protocols and conventions regarding the hijacking, kidnapping and illegal and indefiinite detention of refugees (see Appendix). Recently the Papua New Guinea courts ruled that the detention of refugees on Manus Island on behalf of Australia was illegal and that the detention facility should be closed down. The Australian Government is currently contravening that ruling too by refusing to act on it. Meanwhile in Australia lawyers have begun proceedings against the Australian Government, alleging “Crimes Against Humanity”, again in relation to the detention of refugees on Manus Island. The same contraventions of international protocols and conventions apply to those refugees being detained on behalf of the Australian Government on Nauru. It is important that Australian citizens are aware of the laws by which their Government can be prosecuted (in addition to prosecution via the International Criminal Court)…

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