“Modern” Western Nutrition Is Deep In The Dark Ages …A Catastrophe Of “Modern” Science

The white man has much to un-learn; in peace


From No Tricks Zone, by P Gosselin

Nothing is more dangerous than bad science driven by arrogance. Readers here are very much aware of this when it comes to climate science. Yet, as surprising as it may sound, the problem of junk science is even far worse in the field of Nutrition.

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Recently I read a book written by Dr. Weston Price, published in 1938 – almost 80 years ago: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

Weston Price was an American dentist who had been shocked by the wave of physical degeneration he observed among patients, who suffered tremendously from caries and facial deformities, along with the number of crippling diseases that seemed to accompany it.

To find out what was happening, he journeyed to many remote regions across the globe to study “primitive” tribes and people who were still isolated from “modern” living. What he found…

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