2016 G7 Summit In Japan

Thanks Ron; seems that BRICS is supposed to be the remedy for the Gang of 7; however, South Africa seems to be batting for both sides via Washington and Hong Kong; throwing just enough peanuts around while stealing 50 tons of gold per annum; H.L. Mencken hit the nail on the head when he stated: “Democracy is the art and science of the circus ruling from the monkey cage.” in peace

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Organized Crime as Religion, Governments, and BanksI discuss the G7 less often than the IMF, and G20, because the Gang of 7 (G7) is a gang consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States that cloak their objectives and decisions more effectively than the G20 or IMF.

However the G7 are meeting in Japan (May 26-27) and the rumors are interesting as Russia is blacklisted as the gang was once renamed the G8 with Russia.
If there is a imaginary dividing line among the empires, then the G7 is the popular candidate for such a layer of hierarchy, in that the G7 could be the representation of the West Power Bloc with an apparent hold of the reigns of the world hegemony. With puppets, monarchs, and hidden influences, the puzzle picture is shrouded in deception and secrecy for public uncertainty.

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1 thought on “2016 G7 Summit In Japan

  1. The world hegemony appears to be seeking consensus leadership as the monetary system requires a reset, and the members such as the U.N., BRICS, IMF, G7, G20, NATO, and other multinational and supranational organizations are tools for that consensus building.

    Regardless if it is lead from New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Taipei, Johannesburg, or some other financial center, the worldwide monetary system is the destructive beast in our midst.

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