China Inc. Tries to Buy the World, with Impeccable Timing

When Europeans were living in caves the Chinese were sipping tea from porcelain cups; they have perfected strategy; popcorn economics stands no chance against impeccability; in peace


From Wolf Street, by Wolf Richter

New king of foreign M&A, at peak prices, funded by state-owned banks.

Not even five-and-a-half months into the year, Chinese mergers & acquisitions in other countries have hit $110.8 billion, nearly four times as much as during the same period last year, and surpassing the total volume of the entire year 2015 ($106.8 billion).

And so China Inc. has become the number one cross-border acquirer for the first time ever, ahead of Canada with $67.7 billion in deals, and the US with $53.1 billion.

The superlatives go on: the number of deals soared 79% year-over-year to 300, according to the Nikkei. Of these, 17 were mega-deals of $1 billion or more, up from six such deals last year.

The US, where equity prices have peaked after a seven-year QE-and-ZIRP-fueled rally, and where total M&A through April has plunged 21%, according to Dealogic

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One thought on “China Inc. Tries to Buy the World, with Impeccable Timing

  1. Appear to be signs of the wealth transfer from West to East as leadership of the world hegemony shifts from West to East as part of the monetary system reset…

    The last time the monetary system was reset it was known as world war II.

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