The Economic Deficit Has Gone Parabolic

The final run is on; interesting times


From Crush the Street, by Kenneth Ameduri

The amount of debt that is on the shoulders of each American now is unsustainable. Would you believe me if I told you that Americans are over $60 trillion in debt? It’s actually $3.5 trillion worse. If you add up all forms of debt, including government debt, mortgages, and consumer debt, we are looking at a total debt of $63.5 trillion, which does not even include the $100 trillion (or so) in unfunded liabilities, which are just as much of a future burden as the official debt that is reported – but I digress.

Actually, the majority of this debt has been created in the last 45 years of our nation’s 240-year history. Even if you were to go back 45 years ago, our total debt was only at around $2 trillion, and now it’s 30 times larger.

Most of us think…

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