Ron Paul: What Do The Swiss Know That We Don’t?

Interesting that Switzerland is the last sovereign democracy; in peeace


Source: Gold and Liberty

Claudio Grass, Managing Director of Global Gold in Switzerland, was invited to the Liberty Report from Dr. Ron Paul. This article higlights the discussion between both men, which was centered around the decentralized Swiss system, libertarianism, the European Union, and cultural Marxism.

Dr. Ron Paul: I’ve always been fascinated with Switzerland: it just has such a great history, I love the political system and the decentralization. Of course, Switzerland comes and goes too on their defense of liberty, and sometimes they are the champion of the gold standard.

One question I want to ask you about libertarianism, since you are a libertarian, you are from Switzerland – it sounds like there must be a few more, but if I were a Swiss citizen and I was running for office, and all I wanted to do was aim the goal of getting a maximum amount of vote, would it…

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