Global Currency Reset – America’s Amazing Role – We are a New Nation State!

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Published on May 2, 2016

The USA and 100 Indian Nations are now legally separate from the Cabal. The Cabal is going bankrupt, not us, and with it goes their printed money – – worldwide. The Military’s role and status is included, as is the Federal Marshall Program. The latter is now legally arresting the Cabal (Financial Sector).

Celebrate! We are definitely getting America, and our lives, back from the bad-guys.

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2 thoughts on “Global Currency Reset – America’s Amazing Role – We are a New Nation State!

  1. The U.S. Decline Is A Controlled Demolition, RIGHT?

    The end of the U.S. faux leadership was planned long ago, according to many (such as Catherine A. Fitts, and other executive insiders).
    The Dollar’s effective influence is slipping.
    The dollar is losing its value against all of the precious metals, Silver rose 1.7% on Friday to $17.80 an ounce, Gold jumped 2.2% on Friday to $1,294.90 an ounce.

    **The IMF has accepted the Chinese yuan (RMB) into the jet set currency club of elite currencies.
    The SDR basket has gone from 4 to 5 members!
    It marks a turning point for China with its acceptance as a global economic power and agreements (obligations & commitments) to the money mafia and worldwide hegemony.
    Is ritual human sacrifice still required (world war)?

    Apparently, (to me and other conspiracy researchers), China is and will continue to make strategic moves to their national currency and other structural reforms prior to the enforcement date for the new SDR basket of reserve currencies.
    The effectiveness of the new SDR basket starts on October 1, 2016.

    My thoughts:
    – Worldwide Hegemony –
    There are the elite globalists with hidden hands (controlling the most powerful militaries) that are attempting to engineer the collapse and reset the system, resulting in a diminished role for the U.S. and increased roles for Russia and China leading a enslaved world into the next century…

    There are wealthy “citizens” thinking the “reset” and the return to the “rule of law” is all available through the courts’ legal system…

    There are armed “citizens” thinking that removing criminals and enforcing decrees with armed militia is the solution (the U.S. patriots imagine the military and police will join their efforts), armed rebellion…

    All the above efforts continue to feed the Beast.

    My wish is that post 9/11 (2001), post 2012 prophesy, post obvious recent false flags, the level of awareness is reaching a tipping point for sweeping changes and a transition.
    A level of Awareness that realize this beastly system needs to be starved.
    With this awareness, can the People gain momentum to overturn the globalists’ system during this transitory state?

    Without massive grassroots Boycotts, Walkouts, and Job-strikes to starve the Beast, I do not think the People will see Freedom.

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