Contributing to the Catholic Church’s Understanding of and Commitment to Nonviolence

Francesco has 2 months to clean up house according to his 2013 motu proprio ‘by his own accord’; Pope Francis is obligated to renounce war and develop a ‘Theology of Non-killing and Nonviolence’ and reject the ‘Just War’ theology; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, May 02, 2016

Presentation to the International Conference on Nonviolence and Just Peace – Rome, April 11-13 2016

I come from Northern Ireland and lived throughout the ‘troubles’ in the city of Belfast, in an area deeply immersed in a violent ethnic/political conflict for over 30 years.  The ‘troubles’ started in l969 and in the ensuing thirty years over 3,500 people were killed and thousands injured. 

In 1969, the UK government at the request of nationalist politicians sent in British troops to protect the Catholic population.  The British government also brought in emergency legislation removing many basic civil liberties of the population, carrying out such draconian measures as internment without trial, torture, etc. However, these measures only served to increase the anger in the nationalist community, and were counter-productive in that many young people joined the ‘armed’ groups for many reasons…

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