Israel Is Silencing Opposition to Oppressive and Racist Policies against Palestinians: Who Will Stand Up?

Counter Information

Global Research, April 23, 2016

Who will hold Israel accountable? 

The answer, so far, is no one. But on this rare trip to the U.S., I am seeing signs that suggest the dam is breaking. The cracks in the dam are coming from civil society, and with it will follow a tidal wave of grassroots support for Palestinian freedom. 

The Israeli government is going to unprecedented lengths to destroy and silence opposition to Israel’s oppressive and racist policies against Palestinians. This ranges from the Israeli government’s shoot to kill policy that has taken the lives of over 200 Palestinians since the beginning of October 2015, to actions aimed at silencing both Israeli and Palestinian civil society and human rights organizations. Personal threats against the lives of Palestinian human rights defenders have been issued, as well as against supporters…

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