Chinese Mega-bank Partners With World Bank for New World Order

This post clearly shows why we the people are necessitated to stand up peacefully, let our voice be heard and take back our power; no government will do it for us; in peace

Reclaim Our Republic

April 20, 2016  by  Alex Newman

The many establishment analysts who portrayed the Communist Chinese dictatorship’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a supposed “rival” to the Western globalist-led international economic order must be awfully embarrassed right now. And those who believed them, hoping the brutal Beijing regime’s bank was going to stand up to the World Bank-International Monetary Fund axis in particular, must be sorely disappointed.

It turns out the scandal-plagued World Bank and the Communist Party of China-controlled AIIB are going to be proud partners in globalism. Together, the organizations will seek to promote the dangerous agenda known as “sustainable development” while undermining national sovereignty across Asia by bankrolling regional integration.

In a barely noticed press release sent out last week, the Chinese autocrats’ international “development” organ, formally born just months ago, celebrated its first official joint financing agreement with the globalist World Bank. The…

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