Neil Keenan, the Chinese, the “All of It” — by Judge Anna

Judge Anna makes a lot of sense:
establish a National Depository on neutral Native Tribal land;
Use the Post Offices to deliver banking services;
Use Money Orders instead of checks;
Rebuild lawful government;
Establish Jural Assemblies;
Mint Silver and issue certificates based on them;
Develop block chain technology;
Organize our states on the land again;
Call for a Continental Congress;
Elect state deputies (fiduciary officers, not “representatives”).
Do housecleaning and housekeeping neglected for 150 years.
We would add people’s referendums on the above;
in peace

In Her Words

Sunday, April 17, 2016dismantlethemachine

by Judge Anna

What I know for sure is that the Nationalist Chinese government placed a LARGE sum of gold on deposit with the New York Fed in 1928 just before the fall of the Nationalist Chinese government.  The Fed used that gold for years and were supposed to pay interest on the use of it, and didn’t.  They didn’t like the Communist Chinese government, so they just wrote off their own fiduciary responsibility to the Chinese people — the lawful heirs of the gold horde—and proposed to keep it for themselves.

Neil Keenan brought suit against the New York Fed in 2011 to correct this.  But they had already bankrupted the old Federal Reserve System in 2009, so they pleaded bankruptcy protection.  Technically, the gold had been held by member banks in the old bankrupt system, so it was argued that all those assets were…

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