Man charged with issuing $100 trillion in fake finance documents

This is a clear case of divide, conquer, rule; however, the best is to avoid playing in the law of the sea; there be pirates and seamonsters and no remedy; rather focus on building a new model that makes the old one redundant; in peace

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The Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland, Oregon where Winston Shrout has been indicted on charges of making and using fake financial instruments.
A federal grand jury has returned a new indictment against Hillsboro resident Winston Shrout, accusing him of defrauding U.S. financial institutions by issuing bogus documents and failing to file six years of income tax returns.

The grand jury returned an indictment charging Shrout with 13 counts of making, presenting and transmitting fictitious financial instruments and six counts of willfully failing to file income tax returns.

He’s accused of making and issuing more than 300 fake “International Bills of Exchange” on his own behalf and for credit to third parties. The government contends Shrout falsely claimed the bills had value and purported them to be worth more than $100 trillion.

The indictment also alleges Shrout…

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2 thoughts on “Man charged with issuing $100 trillion in fake finance documents

  1. I thank you for sharing this report, and my wish is for Winston Shrout to successfully defend himself.
    His awareness and library of knowledge of the legal fiction and commercial law is legendary.

    I have a bad feeling about this legal motion by the state agencies, perhaps they had prior plans with assurances to place Shrout in prison, before they issued the indictment.
    I do not think they will play fair or even by the court rules.

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