BIG M6 Solar Flare, New Earth-like Planet | S0 News Apr.18.2016

We do not normally post this kind of stuff as people already suffer from info overload (most of it untrue); Yet, last week on Sunday and Wednesday during sunset, we could clearly see an earth size black spot in front of the sun with the naked eye; and, on both occasions it was in a slightly different position; firstly, showing black, it is absorbing light so will be un-noticeable when not in front of the sun; secondly, it cannot be in an orbit as it remains on the earth-sun axis; it seems to be meandering; thirdly, it used to be behind the sun, now in front…
The camera we have does not have infra-red to capture a pic; we saw this from South Africa (with friends), but it should be the same from anywhere; if someone could take some pics of a clear sunset? Thanks

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