‘Up All Night’ Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement

The people shall govern; in peace

2012 The Awakening

A new European anti-government protest movement takes shape

By Pam Barker | TLB staff writer

Paris and other cities across France and Europe have been witnessing a new form of street demonstration since March 31. A so far leaderless movement called la Nuit Debout or Up All Night, protestors occupy a public space well into the night to discuss topics centered around social justice and the effects of neoliberal policies.

In a short interview given to Europe1 a few days ago, one of the movement’s participants, Gael Brustier, a graduate student in political science, notes how the movement started out simply as a demonstration against the government’s proposed reforms to the country’s Labor Code or Code du Travail, which seek to restrict certain workers’ rights. It has since naturally morphed into a generalized protest movement, notably by young people who have become increasingly disadvantaged by a declining…

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2 thoughts on “‘Up All Night’ Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement

  1. That should all help with the economy, fuel, take out foods and then sales tax of course… Why don’t folk stay home and refuse to support the system??? B

    1. That (message of boycotts & walkouts) is what I have been amplifying for a decade.
      It is the ultimate non-violent act of opposition to the establishment, and starve the beast.
      Stop giving our collective energy, stop supporting the system, and stop pleading to institutions for mercy with ineffective public protests.

      I think when all else fails that will become the grassroots and leaderless popular act of civil disobedience; with tax boycotts and student/worker walkouts…

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