REALPOLITIK: Rothschilds Open War on ‘BRICS’ & Trump – By Mike King

As a South African love the BRIC part without the S; All in all its just another bric in the wall;


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 – If you are pinched for time but want to know, in an instant, what nations are on the ‘hit list’ of the Rothschild Globo-Crime Gang (aka ‘The New World Order’), a mere glance at some of the negative covers of Britain’s “prestigious” weekly, The Economist, will tell you all you need to know. Conversely, if you want to know who the NWO’s preferred agents are, look for a puff-piece cover. It really is that simple and there is no reading required! 

Though it boasts a respectable 1.6 million print circulation (1/2 in UK and 1/2 in USA), and overall cover impressions numbering well into the 10’s of millions (due to its premium placement in airport newstands), its real influence, much like The New York Times, lies in its ability to ‘influence the influential — businessmen, investors, academics, politicians, journalists and ambitious climbers of…

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