The April Emergency The Central Banks Don’t Want You To Know About

Thanks for the heads up, Ron; in peace

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Title: The April Emergency The Fed Doesn’t Want You To Know About – Mike Maloney
Video posted 12 Apr 2016

Currency SOSJapan’s largest brokerage, Nomura, which eight years after buying Lehman’s European and Asian units has decided to fire 15% of its European staff and is abandoning most of its European equities business. Altogether, Nomura will fire about 1,000 bankers between its European and US groups.

What is really going on?

The Rumors are about Legal Discussions for Banking Failure After Emergency FED Meeting TODAY, Obama & Biden to Meet with Yellen; China expected to implement drastic change to monetary policy and the national currency (remove or loosen the RMB peg from the dollar?) …


IMF Again Cuts Global Growth Forecast As It Warns Of “Secular Stagnation”

Stocks tumble, S&P 500 down

Hope Turns To Nope As US Stocks Slump Red, Italian Banks Halted Limit-Down


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