Crowds march in London to demand British PM’s resignation!

Blame it on Spring; in peace

News Wire 24

A massive protest has gathered in front of PM David Cameron’s official London residence at 10 Downing Street , calling for his resignation. The rally follows the so-called Panama Papers leak, which among others exposed the offshore dealings of Cameron’s late father. “Cameron must go!” and “Tories out!” read the placards held by the demonstrators.

Class War, Socialist Workers Party and Anonymous were among the crowds present. So  anyway I decided to do what any good blogger would do and filmed as much as I could and give my readers an raw insight into the protest.

Some of the donors, MPs and high net worth business people who have supported David Cameron’s rise to power have links to the United Kingdom’s  network of tax havens, the Panama leaks reveal.

Former Conservative MPs and six members of the House of Lords are among those with connections to companies on the books of…

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One thought on “Crowds march in London to demand British PM’s resignation!

  1. Spring BT? more like the winter of our discontent.
    They simply don’t understand that Cameron is the CEO of a corporation, he is running a company and has nothing to do with the running of England. He answers to the shareholders, not the people. The same all over the world. If the presidents and prime ministers want to divulge that information, they will be off the hook. BUT tptb want the illusion to be in play.
    Sheeeesh humanity is dumb. B

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