Securities, Notes and the Illusion of Enforceability

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By William Hudson

State Court judges are missing the point- the paperwork is all an illusion in a majority of cases. Instead of being concerned that the bank is filing photoshopped, forged and robosigned documents into the court record, they are more concerned if the homeowner has paid. This is despite the fact that every large Bank in the country has been fined for foreclosure “irregularities”. Too many State judges are refusing to follow basic contract law or scrutinize the documents presented. Presumptions favor the banks in cases where there is hard evidence of fraud. It is now known that due to securitization that the vast majority of mortgage notes and assignments are created-on-demand to provide the impression that the note is valid. You would think that in light of this information that more judges would be concerned that the note is even enforceable.

Former FDIC Chairperson Sheila Bair  wrote…

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