Panama Papers Barely Scratch the Surface: Tax Havens and Money Laundering, an Appendage of Britain’s Banking Industry

All roads lead to Rome… via London; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, April 06, 2016
True Publica 6 April 2016

The recent revelation resulting from the Panama Papers is nothing knew, it just helps to highlight the sheer scale of criminality being perpetrated by those wealthy enough to benefit. What we are witnessing from a tiny island, nestled neatly between North and South America is a glimpse of a global money laundering fest on a truly oceanic scale.

There are 82 countries listed globally as tax havens or jurisdictions of financial secrecy. Collectively Britain is the number one on the list of offenders, mainly because of its extensive overseas territories such as Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar etc. In reality though Britain is now itself a tax haven.

Since the Conservative government got their knees under the table, George Osborne has systematically gone about creating what is effectively a territorial tax system for companies and organisations thus ensuring that no…

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