Australian government in disarray over spending cuts

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Counter Information

By Mike Head
1 April 2016

Within two days, severe cracks have appeared in the latest extraordinary effort by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government to break through a political impasse and impose sweeping cuts to health, education and other social spending.

Turnbull’s plan—suddenly announced on Wednesday at a football game, without any detail whatsoever—to hand back income taxing powers to the states, is blatantly designed to shift the blame for devastating and deeply unpopular cuts onto state and territory governments.

Turnbull declared that by returning the taxing powers that they had relinquished in 1942, during World War II, to the state governments, the latter would be forced to take “responsibility” for funding public hospitals and schools. “If the states had to raise all of the money they spend themselves,” he said, “they would spend that money much more wisely.”

The prime minister made clear that the $80 billion slashed in…

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