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Don McGinn's photo. By Anna von Reitz

Anna’s advice for NLA members, and all Common Law Jury organizers and members is also good advice for all who want to restore our Republic. “…My advice to NLA and all the various Common Law Grand Jury organizers and members remains the same—- check out the information available from the Michigan General Jural Society as regards organizing your grand juries properly. Their process has been vetted by the military and in use for many years. As soon as they finish tweaking their latest Handbook

( it will be widely distributed and available. As for straightening out your own political status issues I suggest that everyone go first to: www.freesovereignandindependent.comfor a bird’s eye view of how this mess got started and why your separate birthright political status matters, then go to Kurt Kallenbach’s website (

Season of Treason I, Season of Treason…

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