Conspiracy Cruise Presenter Winston Shrout Indicted on Charges of Making Fake Financial Documents

Yes, we heard he was doing the rounds in Aotearoa from the WHC there; also “helping” some freemen from South Africa; we warned them not to play the promissory note game, one will be bust for fraud; there be pirates and seamonsters in the law of the sea; in peace

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Anna Merlan

Winston Shrout, a self-styled financial guru and one of the recent presenters on a conspiracy theory cruise, has been indicted for the second time in three months. The superseding indictment accuses him of making fictitious financial documents and trying to pass them off as legal tender. You can’t do that.

The ADL (Anti Defamation League) is sort of correct; Shrout, it must be said, exists in a different plane than many sovereign citizens, literally. Onboard the “Conspira Sea cruise”, he told audience members he sits on a “galactic roundtable” with St. Germain, and works with fairies and elves to influence the world’s financial markets. Here is an example of his advice on reclaiming your body from the U.S. government, which he believes keeps us all literally enslaved:

Shrout Interview begins at…

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