Nursing Student Dismissed for Refusal to Lie about Vaccines Wins Early Court Victory


From Truth Kings

“Nurses Need to Obey the Patient’s Directives, Not Threaten or Lie”

  • Nurse is dismissed from Baker College in Michigan for questioning vaccines
  • The nurse files suit against Baker College
  • Baker College attempts to dismiss the case; Judge denies request
  • Michigan law protects patient rights

Back in 2013, nursing student Nichole Rolfe, claims she was asked by her Baker college instructors to threaten patients who opted to not vaccinate. The threats included ‘giving them false information’ and even ‘withholding state medical assistance’ to those who questioned whether or not they’d vaccinated. Last week, a judge declined Baker college’s request to dismiss the suit and prevents any severe alterations to the suit. According to, Michigan patients most certainly do have the right to choose (and without intimidation).

Flint, MI – The Genesee County Circuit Court has denied the request of Baker College to dismiss or otherwise highly restrict…

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