The BS Meter Follows NASA Everywhere!

Excellent post Ron, just do not buy the flat earth theory; that meme is only to discredit truth-seekers; until the people themselves sponsor and fly a plane around the earth longitudinally while filming it, we do not buy ANY theory because in fact no-one knows or has first-hand experience. in peace

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NASA Liars
The evidence of NASA fraud and deception is overwhelming!
I will not exhaust the list of evidence, and the few I share below should be enough for everyone to conclude that NASA can never be trusted, and must be shutdown immediately.
If the reader, by some stubbornly desire to keep NASA (and the sister space agencies) operating and stealing taxpayers’ labor and human capital, then at least do not cry that no one warned you about institutional deception.

NASA is a Government Hoax!
Official NASA poster for International Space Station Expedition 45 was revealed in Feb 2015
I asked myself “when did science fiction become science?
My research reveals it has been that way, at minimum, since “Natural Philosophy” was abandoned in favor of the heavily influenced Roman Catholic modern “science” -see They Were Given Missions.
Even more broadly and intriguing are the ancient scripts, apparently it is first written and later it becomes holy scriptures, customs, traditions, and laws followed…

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3 thoughts on “The BS Meter Follows NASA Everywhere!

  1. Below is the type of discussions I enjoy having even as it involves so many controversial topics, yet no anger or blood-pressure raised.

    Age of Deception

    Title: Podcast Episode 002 Greg Carlwood – Systems of Control
    Video posted 22 Mar 2016
    Crrow777 & Greg Carlwood from Higher Side Chats (THC) talk about, False media, news hoaxes, false flags, the moon, NASA fraud, the lunar wave, flat earth, Holly wood programming, encoded media, system of control & ancient cultures.

  2. Thank you brother for sharing the discussion.
    It is a pleasure to have respectful discussions about research that reveals deceptions and the hidden hand(s) guiding civilization and enslaving People.

    One central pattern my research revealed to me is very disturbing indeed.
    Disturbing in that one could debate both the good and the bad of it.
    That pattern seen throughout ancient past and contemporary society today is the written word (written on stone, and papyrus, and holy scripture, and law, and even science fiction) becomes scripts to be followed by society…

    That perspective is hauntingly similar to writing computer programs, and thus civilization could be seen as a computer program; a global Matrix described by the Morpheus character in the Matrix Movie.

    The challenge is to write our own personal script for how we wish to live our lives – self programming – with the conscious intention to over-write the foreign program from society.

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