Russia’s Military Aims Achieved, Putin Switches to Diplomacy

The U.S. itself got dumbed down by trying to dumb down its people; in peace

Counter Information


By Paul Craig Roberts

March 17, 2016 “Information Clearing House” –  American presstitutes, such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, expressed surprise at Russia’s support for the Syrian ceasefire, which Russia has been seeking, by Putin’s halt to attacks on the Islamic State and a partial withdrawal of Russian forces. The American presstitutes are captives of their own propaganda and are now surprised at the failure of their propagandistic predictions.

Having stripped the Islamic State of offensive capability and liberated Syria from the Washington-supported terrorists, Putin has now shifted to diplomacy. If peace fails in Syria, the failure cannot be blamed on Russia.

It is a big risk for Putin to trust the neocon-infested US government, but if ISIS renews the conflict with support from Washington, Putin’s retention of air and naval bases in Syria will allow Russia to resume military operations. Astute observers…

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One thought on “Russia’s Military Aims Achieved, Putin Switches to Diplomacy

  1. VP has always been a diplomat, he sees the big picture. The ‘west’ can only see the ends of their noses, which are always to be found poking into everyone’s business. B

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