The Salem witch hunt is on; poor TD; in peace

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Please note:

If these two posts are correct, these are the transcriptions of the two calls used to arrest Thomas. I have every reason to believe these are the same transcriptions they were referring to in the recently shared audio lead-up to Thomas trial that they may be planning to use in Court, since I know of no others from any other blogger. 

What makes me so very angry is the fact that when Thomas was indicted, the facts from this transcription were cherry picked, as they were read by the officer in the courtroom, giving his statement of the so-called facts. As a result, I think the jury had no choice but to indict him.  Will they once again cherry-pick the facts as they are presented to the jurors? It’s likely that we will never know. 

UPDATE: Thomas Deegan calls us to West Virginia to take back our country, Part…

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