Excuse my writing of words in rhyme, for I feel we have so little time
Our Uncle Sam is hurting and lying in such pain, for we as blind Americans are solely all to blame.

 Americans’ are weak,….absorbed of selfish bliss, where satisfaction for ones self, is all that we insist
Allowing those Elected, adorned with Greed & Power, to take control of Uncle’s Fate, to hasten His final hour.
Americans’ waste Freedom, devalue it to nothing, for all they do desire is addicted self -consumption.
Corruption /greed,….is clothed,…in those we call our leaders, insuring Uncle Sams destruction by Traitorous deceivers.
 America’s design, was for All participation, with loyalty and pride for a once United Nation
Equality is re-defined, many wishing to be different, some segregate their True intents, all fighting to be litigant.
No one’s responsible but all is to Blame, our once proud Uncle (now) buries his head in our Shame
We gave away, lost,…a uniqueness and pride, for our own Constitution is destined, surely, to Die.
A “Melting Pot” requiring True assimilation, has ended into thousands of  “woe-is-me” nations
A disheveled Uncle who once “Wanted You”, now begs for some affection, from faded Red & Blue.
Uncle Sam, our Uncle Sam, Has God forsaken We, for failing to be Proud, and  forgetting to be Free
Purple Mountains Majesty are faded by our Apathy, as leaches in society, say-hey Uncle….”what  you done for me”.
A Nation fails it’s people when the people cannot see, that they are all the Nation, weavers of their Destiny
To lose our Faith of dreams, to different thoughts Not Liberty, shall imprison all who forget, what work is required to be Free.
Our Uncle Sam’s disabled , by design or lack of care, will P/C conquer who remains  and leave a future cursed  to “cair”
Code Blue is what we hear today, our Uncle’s far too Pale, his heartbeat weakens, pulse is gone, His will to Live may Fail.
Obligated Caregivers ,we may lay His dream to rest, the Failure and the Fault is ours, we Denied to do our Best
Declarations, Constitutions, Longing to be free, are goals of disbelief ,soon read, in our Children’s History.
Children lacking Family , will stare through frozen eyes, their will and thought abandoned, obeying with despise
Wishing for an Uncle, adorned in Red, White, Blue, once watching and protecting, while letting you be You.
We seem to want and wish for things, once taken from our grasp, forever thinking all was ours, and ours would always last
Our Uncle’s will is broken, and we will all be lost,….controlled by Evil unbeknownst, lost Freedoms are the cost.
I’ll remember songs of Liberty, where United we could stand, saluting Uncles’ Dreams and Hopes as we listened  to the Band
For Memories can’t be stolen, but dreams can lose their hue, Our Uncle Sam is Dying,………What’s left is up to you!
 Thomas Pastore / Vietnam Veteran / USMC,…………In search of the America I was born to.

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