Attention America: Consider ensuring this message reaches all of your respective public servants whether acting as impostors or de jure!

A lot of this information applies to South Africa as it is registered on the US Securities and Exchange Commission. in peace

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On Mar 14, 2016, at 2:14 PM, ed johnston <> wrote:

Lisa Foster, director of the Office for Access to Justice (OAJ), , Director

DoJ Warns Judges: You Better Stop Jailing People For Not Paying Fines

Please Line number for me email back one copy PDF for me thank you possible autograph

Affidavit inserting are 1778 Ratified Constitution Lawful bloodline American and Legal Citizens right

Investigation of misuse of Public Funding and taxes used to Kidnapping and holding man hostages for funding

Without Prejudice All Rights Reserved U<l:CI-306-308- I 207of State Sovereignty Notice:

We the People of the forty eight union now Fifty

United States of America Republic Elected and public servant’s oversights

Requesting Criminal Investigation misuse of public Funding AKA

birth certificate bond us on new york stock exchange

All types of Taxes collected from Lawfully American Publicly Owned as we are Educated on in public schools

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