HIDDEN HISTORY: The Battle of Armageddon Has Been Raging for Centuries – By Thomas Sheridan

Great post thank you; just what the psychologist ordered to put things into persepective; in peace


Source – thomassheridanarts.com

– Regardless of whether you are aware of this fact or not, whether you care or not—it does not change the fact that the Battle of Armageddon has already begun and you as an individual, and all of us in society are caught up in the middle of the greatest and most destructive conflict the human race has ever experienced. However, this version of the Battle of Armageddon is not a tangible battle of human slaughter and carnage taking place across the landscape of some rather uninspiring real estate in the Middle East—as was predicted in the Book of Revelations. Rather, this very real and destructive Battle of Armageddon is currently taking place right now in the domain of human consciousness—it is taking place within your own mind.

The Psychopathic Control Grid, for me personally, represents the ultimate crystallisation of several thousand years of pernicious assault upon…

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One thought on “HIDDEN HISTORY: The Battle of Armageddon Has Been Raging for Centuries – By Thomas Sheridan

  1. This article starts off really well, but goes off into demonic ‘facts’. Then gives an opinion regarding the Gagalya, these are creatures bred as we would breed German Shepherds.
    Humans have to understand the attack on us is from another species or two in alliance. We are in the 3rd dimension and have to deal with things here and now, otherwise the psychopaths will win the war of Armageddon, 2017-2022. B

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