#Malaysia: There’s a war going on.

A politician is someone who will lay down your life for his country; in peace

Satu Insan - Malaysia


Malaysia the country is under attack!….economically and politically. As a result the people of Malaysia suffer as they’re both directly and indirectly hit and many have vanished and died as a result.


The infamous #1MDB scandals are scams orchestrated by the cabals’ Economic Hitman. The modus operandi is via the political sphere. The method is the old favorite “divide and rule

The people are waking up through their sufferings and they are gathering together to save their very sick country. The country is sick because its people are sick. There are two groups of sick people.

  1. Mentally ill (the politicians)
  2. Physically ill (the people)

The predicament  the nation is in started off by those sick political minds who belong to a sick organization called UMNO (United Malay National Organization), manipulated and under the control of the economic hitman.

The economic hitman infiltrated UMNO and worked his…

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