Consciousness Of The Heart: When One Became Many Global Resistance Was Visible

Ron, when are you going to do us a rap song? 🙂

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Eternal Hearts

As Master and Leader of SELF you are the Governor of SELF.
Govern thyself or someone else will.

Yes, the phrase “Global Resistance” is intentional – because globalists are bipolar, and globalism is a bad institutional policy with deceptions and secrecy at its foundation.
Where institutional governance becomes a international system of slavery once again. ~Ron


Title: IN STUDIO: Chris Geo “Walk IN My Shoes” Recording Session
Global Resistance was written by Chris Geo from 2007-2009. As an audio engineer, musician and artist, Chris Geo initially wrote the track We’re In A Lot Of Trouble and released it on the internet. When the reception became overwhelming, Chris Geo knew that people were ready for conscious music and began production on the full album. When he teamed up with Croatian hip hop producer MAC (aka Alpha Dawg), the album began really coming together and the release date of November…

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