Your NAME In Capital Letters on Official Documents Is NOT You

Without any prejudice to the living, the herein assessment is not correct; one CANNOT stand in a civil court and claim to be the BENEFICIARY; that is what Thomas Deegan did and look where he is now?

The BENEFICIARY is the LEGAL FICTION, the living man is the Trustee on the land jurisdiction and dealing at arms length with the affairs of the legal fiction; this is the ONLY position to take if one wishes to remain free; Do NOT follow this advice; do not play in their courts, one cannot win there; avoid it at all costs;

The only way we have maintained jurisdiction in the defence of others is by declaring ourselves civilly dead; we are not even willing to claim trusteeship because the LEGAL FICTION created in a name resembling ours is NOT ours; we cannot claim ownership of the LEGAL NAME; it is NOT ours; it was created by the STATE and belongs to them; they are responsible for its affairs not you;

Instead of fighting the old court system, start creating your own; build a new model that makes the old one obsolete; hold a people’s referendum; start a jural society, get 100 000 names and campaign to have people’s courts recognised; take the matter to an international forum; the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) is currently the only people’s forum;

There are too many ‘false prophets’ in judicial activism that are confusing the awakening masses; Unless one is knowledgeable on a topic, please do not give out advice for others to follow which gets them into trouble. in peace, brother-thomas

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The Uniform Commercial Code [UCC] used by the courts [not only in the USA] gives them jurisdiction ‘only’ over corporations. Flesh and blood human beings are not corporations, therefore the only jurisdiction courts have over any of us is what we ‘allow’ through unawareness, and CONsent, which sustain fraud.

By Silas-Wesley: King, Junior, All Rights Reserved, UCC1-308 in all places and at all times and I deny all.

Never give anyone your name when asked. Sign above your name on your drivers license, All Rights Reserved, and when presented with any paperwork in court or on the street, say, “Let me see that. That’s not me, and I don’t think that person exists” and give it back to the person that gave it to you.

Claim your rights at all times and refuse compelled benefits. Be humble and say, ‘Sir’, ‘Your Honor’, etc.

It is just business. We are dealing…

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