Romero Institute 1-21-16… “UN Condemns Doctrine of Discovery”

This is excellent news!!! We are going to pay Francesco a visit in may; if he revokes these papal bulls he may as well do all of them:) he only has till 11th of july till his own immunity runs out by his own accord – motu proprion 2013… which coincidentally was the same day my mother sold me as a roman catholic slave which has subsequently been abandoned by me; in peace

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romero_institute_old_map_240This came up somewhere, and I felt it was an important piece in the liberation for various “discovered by Europeans”, aka, “colonized and occupied under duress”, sovereign nations. This includes the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Anyone who watched the Pinky show video knows that the “Papal Bull” or “Doctrine of Discovery” led to the principle of explorers at that time to, as the Pinky video says, “In the name of Jesus, go out and kick some a$$!”.

“The most recent development came on January 14th, when the UN Council Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) called upon the Holy See to engage in meaningful dialogue with designated representatives of Indigenous peoples to address their concerns regarding the Inter Caetara of 1493 and its related papal bulls, known collectively as the “Doctrine of Discovery”.

“The paper produced [by] the working group argues millions of…

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