Jim Dean VT 3-2-16… “NEO- Putin’s New World Order Versus the West’s”

Great find, thank you, K. in peace

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_242veterans_today_jim_dean_banner_33Jim Dean presents a balanced, factual view of what has really happened and what’s really going on with Vladimir Putin. I felt many would like to read this.

“We have watched an incredible shift in Western anti-Putin propaganda, which reached hysterical levels early after the Western coup in Kiev was not able to consolidate its power over the entire country… When its coup failed, the West screamed bloody murder to put the blame on invisible Russian commandos and armored divisions, which no satellite or drone images ever confirmed.

“Why were so many so brash in their Putin bashing? My answer is that their focus polls told them that Westerners had no real feeling about who Putin was, nor how most of Russia felt about him… Putin has the highest domestic ratings on any statesman on the planet, with Lavrov just behind him.

“Putin’s biggest weapon in breaking down the wall…

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One thought on “Jim Dean VT 3-2-16… “NEO- Putin’s New World Order Versus the West’s”

  1. VP is a true statesman. Should the NWO materialise and it be led by men such as Putin and Gadhafi we would be where we are intended to be. Instead we are faced with a future run by criminal bloodlines, psychopaths such as Rockefeller and Kissinger and all their mind controlled minions. May the Angels protect us. B

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