VOODOO ECONOMICS: The Federal Reserve Has Printed Itself Into Insolvency – By Simon Black

These are the people who ought to be guiding society through this labyrinth; first the people will be required to have a referendum to un-vote politics. The federal government gets it’s authority from voter registration and NOT voting; de-register and remove yourself from the voter’s roll; in peace;


Source – sovereignman.com

“There’s never been a change this big, nor so many people unprepared”:

I had an amazing time this weekend sharing the stage at an investment conference in Miami, with other speakers like Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, and G. Edward Griffin among others.

During a panel on the future of money and banking we discussed how the financial system is rapidly losing control of its own product, i.e. money, in the same way that the music industry has lost control of its product.

In the past there used to be a handful of large record labels that controlled the distribution of music across the world.

In the same way, our financial system was set up for a handful of banks to tightly control the distribution of money across the world to the point that no financial transaction could occur without a bank inserting itself in the middle.

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