REALPOLITIK: Emperor of Uganda, Conqueror of the British Empire, and the Last King of Scotland – How the West Brought Idi Amin to Power (Flashback)

The only reasons for not breaking links with South Africa is that even today they are stealing at least 50 tons of gold per annum from our lands;

We have been and still are funding more than half the world; in peace


Source –

– The article below by Pat Hutton and Jonathan Bloch, originally written in 1979, adapted for Zed Press in 1980 as part of the book, Dirty Work 2—The CIA in Africa, and republished in the February 2001 New African, clearly demonstrates, Amin was installed and maintained in power by Western powers.

While the article focuses on the British role, British government documents declassified in 2002 suggest that while Britain welcomed Amin’s coup and immediately supported the new régime, London was initially taken by surprise, the coup having been carried out by Israel.

As the article explains, Amin was central to Israel’s operations in the 1960s supplying arms to the Anya-Nya rebel group in southern Sudan. As a declassified post-coup communication from the British High Commission in Uganda explained: “The main Israeli objective here is to ensure that the rebellion in southern Sudan keeps…

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