Edmond de Rothschild launches 16 funds in UK

No, Luxemborg because it is controlled by the illuminati bloodlines; interestingly, when 5 000 tons of gold was stolen in the 1980/90s in project hammer, the spoils were divided between Luxemborg, Cloten and London; also, South Africa is registered on the Luxemborg stock exchange; there is an evil empire lurking in Luxemborg… in peace

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Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management has launched 16 funds in the UK.

The asset manager has registered 16 Ucits funds, to be domiciled in Luxembourg, as it seeks to expand in the UK market.

The funds include European and global equities, various thematic funds, convertible bonds and emerging market bonds. A number of the strategies had already gathered assets, including the Europe Synergy, the US Value & Yield and the Europe Convertibles funds.

“This represents an important step in the development of our business in the UK and supports growth,” says Guillaume Poli, deputy chief executive of Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management.

“We now have almost 40 staff and significant assets under management, essentially from non-UK and purely institutional clients. The availability of our main strategies in a fund format is an important milestone that will allow us to raise our profile with a broader audience”.

The asset manager opened a London…

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